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Hospital de Especialidades Medicas de la Salud

The most advanced Hospital Center at your service:

The Hospital de Especialidades Medicas de la Salud raises the standards of Medical Care in the Region, by making available all the modernity and technological development in the field of Health.


History of the hospital

The Hospital de Especialidades Medicas de la Salud, arises like an ambitious project of 100% Potosine investment, to give medical solution of quality to a growing demographic segment.

It is located in one of the most important national communication routes on the eastern edge of the city, in a particularly demanding sector consisting of vast densely populated areas and an Industrial Zone of global significance. The above added to the massive vehicular influx, makes it an important Hospital Center at the same level of any national and international institution.

This is only possible by combining cutting edge technology with the great prestige of excellence of Potosine Medicine to provide services that exceed the patient's expectations in terms of care, safety and trust, which must be adhered to when complying with the standards of the highest quality

The Hospital de Especialidades Medicas de la Salud has a surface of 20,000 square meters where a Medical Tower is housed with 90 doctor's offices for all the specialties and sub-specialties.

A second building corresponds to the Hospital Tower with 80 equipped rooms (Individual, Suites and Master Suites), which was designed thinking of all the needs that our prestigious medical team requires to offer excellent care to their patients.

This important hospital complex also houses business premises, restaurant, cafeteria, chapel, ATM, wireless internet, three large parking lots and extensive green areas.

The Radiology and Image Unit, one of the most advanced in the region, has equipment of the most advanced technology, with digital systems that facilitate, both to the physician and the patient, the obtaining and storage of results, even allowing them to be obtained through the Internet. The Hospital de Especialidades Medicas de la Salud puts at your disposal all the modernity and technological development conjugated with personalized attention and medical team of the highest level to offer you Potosine Medicine of Excellence in the care and protection of your health.


To provide our patients with quality care and safety, with the highest levels of efficiency in the service, through doctors and specialized personnel, diagnostic equipment and certified facilities.


Make sustainable our consolidation as a vanguard center for our staff, doctors, patients and visitors, raising the standards of medical care.


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Our Philosophy is to achieve excellence, providing high quality care that exceeds the expectations of our users, offering existing knowledge and technology and integrating the medical community, being an example of efficiency and effectiveness.

Quality policy

It is the Culture assumed by all the organization that involves all its technical and professional activities, is perceived by the users in the relations with the internal and external clients, respect for the environment; validating all activities and functions.

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